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Mommy Care and Wellness Guest Post: “You’re Doing It Wrong: Being a Great Mom Starts with Self-Care”


Being a mom is a challenging task that often lacks rewards or praise. We are often trying to balance our time between taking care of the family, the household, balancing the cheque book and paying bills that it has become so easy to neglect our own needs…Read More


I am profile-pica full-time working, potty-mouthed and tempered, home-cooking, thrift-finding thirty-something mom on a budget. I am married and have two children, a tween and a teenager. Life is great. I blog to share our personal life experiences and adventures in parenting.

Blog: www.busymomdiary.com

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We Just Announced the winner of our Thanksgiving Recipe Contest in Mommy Meals, Snacks, Crafts, and Activities! Join us for this months contest which it still to be determined at this point! There will be a first place prize that is also to be determined still!



“This is my favorite thanksgiving dessert I wait all year for it.”

🍁Pumpkin roll🍁http://www.skiptomylou.org/pumpkin-roll-recipe/amp/


our winner will be receiving a $25 Amazon Gift Card on December 1st!

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